Experience in Healthcare IT; Passion and knowledge for digital marketing

Austin Ryder has over a year of experience with the global leader in healthcare IT, Cerner Corporation. In addition, he works effortlessly on the side as a finance blogger, freelance writer, and digital marketer. This portfolio serves to highlight some of Austin’s work in various areas within both content marketing and digital marketing.


Technical Skills In:

Sample Ad

  • Sample ad creative to demonstrate what’s possible
  • Can be reconfigured for Facebook/Instagram (1:1 format) or story (9:16 format)
  • Stop-the-scroll visual text for target audience, direct CTA at end of video
  • Created with premium stock videography
  • Potential for refinement with marketing team collaboration and access to brand assets

Personal Blog: Minted Millennial

Austin’s personal blog, Minted Millennial, is a finance blog focused on empowering and inspiring millennial’s to master their finances.

Check Out These Top-Performing Posts

30 Side Hustles That Can Turn Into a Full-Time Business

This is a primary pillar post of the blog. Totaling nearly 4,000 words, it covers thirty legitimate side hustles that can be scaled into a career or business. Complete with useful information and relevant resources, this Skyscraper Post has proven to be one of the most successful posts on the blog.

Spending Roadmap: The Ultimate Guide

Another pillar post on Minted Millennial coming out to 2,600 words, complete with graphics and flowcharts to further optimize it for search engine rankings. This post offers guidance on getting out of debt and building wealth in an efficient way. In addition, it effectively collects emails on autopilot by offering a free budgeting template.

How To Pay Off Student Loans Faster

Since the blog's target audience is millennials, it would not be complete without touching on managing student loan debt. This 2,000 word post offers three actionable strategies that will save both time and money when paying down student loans.

Top Performing Pinterest Posts From These Articles:

build massive wealth
pay off student loans fast

Featured Articles On Large Blogs

Austin’s featured work on large finance blogs (high domain-authority, large volume of monthly readership)

Think. Save. Retire.

This 3,000 word long-form post goes in-depth on how to transition your mindset to become more financially-minded. SEO optimized, well researched, and ranking 1 on google for intended long-tail keyword.

Thirty Eight Investing

This article is a comprehensive guide to emergency funds, totaling close to 2,000 words. This well-researched post is also fully optimized for SEO and readability. 

Life And My Finances

Inspiration is the goal in Austin’s writing. That’s why this article covers the ‘3 Hobbies’ rule in depth, which ultimately has changed people’s lives. Currently ranked 3 on google for intended keyword.

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Additional Experience

  • Designed and ran Facebook Ads for multiple e-commerce stores
  • Offered SEO improvement services for other personal finance content creators within the community
  • Successfully built 9 different websites on various platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace
  • Copywriting and freelance writing experience, primarily in finance
  • Completed courses in Pinterest marketing, affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, and SEO
  • Relentless passion and formal educational background in Health Science, Business, and Psychology
  • Certifications in Google Analytics and HubSpot Content Marketing.

Get To Know Me On:

Please feel free to give me a call at (314) 378-1997 or send me an email at austin.pryder@yahoo.com to discuss this opportunity and what I can bring to the team